The two Baronesses is number 404 in the Hans Christian Andersen Center's register of Andersen's literary works, i.e. no. 4 in the category novel (the range 401 - 500).

The two Baronesses was first published in English 28 September 1848.

Bibliographic description of the first publication containing this work, quoted from the Danish bibliography H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser:

The two Baronesses

Romanen De to Baronesser udkom frst p engelsk hos Richard Bentley i London, oversat af Charles Beckwith Lohmeyer, under titlen "The two Baronesses". Det var en betingelse fra udenlandske forlggere, at den (og andre vrker) ikke blev udgivet p dansk frst, fordi det i s fald ville st enhver frit for at overstte og udgive den. - Anm.: The Spectator,The Literary Gazette,Oct. 1848, The Athenaeum 7.10.1848. The Weekly Dispatch, 8.10.1848. Douglas Jerrold's Weekly Newspaper, 14.10.1848; The Britannia, 14.10; W. Harrison Ainsworth, The New Monthly Magazine and Humorist Nov. 1848. The Sunday Times, 12.11.1848. The Times, 26.12.1848. The Morning Herald, no 20, 691, October 9, 1848.
This is the first work Mr. Andersen, the Danish poet, has put forth in an English dress; and, if written in English by his own unassisted efforts, it shows no mean proficiency in the language of this country. [...]
The scene of the romance itself is laid in the author's native country, and though its incidents may appear a little disjointed, and the thread of the narrative rather difficult to unravel, the careful reader will not fail to remark throughout those qualities which have recommended the previous works of M. Andersen to favourable notice. Great sensibility, nice delineation of characters, and an aptitude at description which his poetic feeling has engendered and perfected, are visible in every page.

Bltter fr literarische Unterhaltung, No. 341, Mittwoch, 6. dec. 1848.

(Bibliografisk kilde: Bredsdorff p 460-67)

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1954/487, 1971/635, LG: 2007/83)

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The first Danish edition (25 November 1848): De to Baronesser. / - / Roman i tre Dele / af / H. C. Andersen. / - / Frste Deel. / - / Kjbenhavn. / Forlagt af Universitetsboghandler C. A. Reitzel. / Trykt hos Kgl. Hofbogtrykker Bianco Luno. / 1849.

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