"Everything passes, like the wind that blows" is number 2281 in the Hans Christian Andersen Center's register of Andersen's literary works, i.e. no. 781 in the category poems (the range 1501 - 2900). BFN 980.

"Everything passes, like the wind that blows" was first published December 1868, cf. the bibliographic description (in Danish) in : Digterens danske Vrker 1822-1875, number in bibliography: 980:

Kommer aldrig igjen! (Alt farer hen som Vinden).

Trykt i Figaro. Vers og Prosa. 1869, 41. (Optaget i Lykke-Peer. 1870.- Saml. Skr. VI, 101).

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH XXI-a-57, 2000/13)

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The work was published later (11 November 1870) as a part of Lucky Peer. (Number 406. BFN 1006. Category/genre: Novel).

In modern Danish on p. 850 in Johan de Mylius (editor): H.C. Andersen. Samlede digte ('Collected poems', Copenhagen, 2000).

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