From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Summer Journey

7 April

Release of Nye Eventyr. Tredje Samling (New Tales. Third Installment) ("Elverhj" (The Elf Mound), "De rde Skoe" (The Red Shoes), "Springfyrene" (The Jumpers), "Hyrdinden og Skorsteensfeieren" (The Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep),"Holger Danske"). On this day also, HCA plucks up enough courage to request from the king an increase in his yearly grant or appanage, which then amounted to 400 rdl.

8 April

Receives the news that the king has increased his yearly grant by 100 "Specier" (200 rix dollars). On this day he also sits for the painter J.V. Gertner.

10th and 15th May

Sits for the painter and lithographer E.D. Brentzen. This portrait appears, during the next 13 years, in a number of versions. In 1846, for example, it is used in the English version of A Poet's Bazaar. Brentzen himself uses it in his gallery of portraits, "Dansk Pantheon".

19 May

At 01.30 (1.30 am) he receives a letter from Jonas Collin saying that his wife is on her deathbed. In the letter he is requested - as "a child of the house" - to be present during her final hour. HCA immediately runs over to the Collins'.

21 May

Henriette Collin dies.


"Klokken" (The Bell) is published in Maanedsskrift for Brn (Monthly Magazine for Children), illustrated by Lehmann. This story is HCA's final unambiguous embracement of romanticism within "the little genre".

1845: Summer Journey

1 June 1845

Departs on a summer journey headed for Nys (including a visit to Vemmetofte. Is very annoyed by Baroness Stampe and argues with her). Continues on 15th to Bregentved and from here via Vordingborg to Corselitze (where he is informed that the steamship Caroline Amalie, which he had sailed with from Copenhagen to Kallehave, has sunk). From Corselitze he continues on 6th July to Ingemann's home in Sor (visits the Hauchs and Oehlenschlgers) and from here the journey goes to Glorup (arrival on 12th, visits Mullerup and Broholm whilst here, as well as Svendborg). On 27th July he journeys to Odense, where he dines with the crown prince. Continues via Middelfart, Snoghj and Horsens to Skanderborg, where he witnesses the unveiling of a monument in memory of Frederik VI (HCA meets Christian VIII here). He then accompanies the Students Choir Association to rhus, where he visits A.F Elmquist, a publisher of periodicals.

22 June

Receives P.L Mller's biography of him by post (an article to be printed in Dansk Pantheon in the same year. HCA is asked to comment on the biography before it is printed.

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