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The motif Wedding is a part of: Ritual


Ritual, love, marriage

Description of this motif: Weddings are based on the church's wedding ritual, which unites two people in the sacred bonds of marriage. In Andersen's tales weddings usually are described as in a traditional folk tale: the hero gets the princess in the end, and they live happpily ever after.

Example :

The whole city was brilliantly lit that evening. The cannons boomed, and the soldiers presented arms. That was the sort of wedding it was! The Princess and the shadow stepped out on the balcony to show themselves and be cheered, again and again.

The scholar heard nothing of all this, for they had already done away with him.

Comment on this quote: In the tale "The Shadow", 1847, the good man is killed by his own demon, the evil and manipulating Shadow. In this dark anti-fairytale the shadow marries the princess, just like princes use to in "real" fairy tales.