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God contains among others: The Holy Spirit

See also Allah, Divine light, God's Kingdom, heaven

Description of this motif: "God" is the God of christianity, which in the eyes of Andersen is the God of all people. Andersen's religious were not dogmatic, and he never accepted the dogma of the trinity; God is for Andersen one, and he never speaks of the Holy Ghost. He considered Jesus to be a chosen man.

Example :

By telegraph we received Frederick's greeting to us from England, just as he boarded the steamship. Sooner than any letter could reach us, even though the swift sailing clouds had been our postman, came greetings from America, where Frederick had landed only a few hours before.

"What a glorious and divine inspiration has been granted our age," said Great-Grandfather. "It is a true blessing to the human race."

Comment on this quote: "It is a true blessing to the human race."; Inspired by among others the friend, the scientist Hans Christian rsted, Andersen attempted to unite religion and moderne science/knowledge, conceiving (science about) the wonders and facts of nature as proving the greatness of the Creator, thus reveiling a romantic view, according to which the laws of nature are the thoughts of God. And all human progress is, inAndersen's pious view, a gift from God.