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Deeds, mind, good, evil, settling one's account, God, St Peter

Description of this motif: In some of Andersen's fairy tales people have their life's account of good and evil deeds, sometimes also thoughts, settled after death, before the gates of heaven. "Something", " Kept Secret but not Forgotten" and "The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf" are three obvious examples of this theme.

Example :

The tale has not been translated (by Hersholt) and is therefore quoted in Danish. Further information and links.

Det seer i Grunden ngsteligt ud med den Sjle-Hukommelse; hver Synd, hver ond Tanke vil den jo kunde repetere, da vil det komme an paa, om vi kunne gjre Regnskab for hvert utilbrligt Ord i Hjertet og paa Lben.