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The motif Consecration, initiation is a part of: Ritual


Transformation, ritual

Description of this motif: Initiating rituals transform persons into initiated, and they thus become members, part of a community. Baptism turns one into a member of the Christian community, a wedding binds people together with religious bonds. In the tale "The Bond of Friendship" two young men are "married" to each other; consecrated to everlasting friendship according to a Greek tradition.

Example :

The bells were ringing in the town of Roskilde, where Bishop Absalon lived. He could both read his Bible and wield his sword; he had power and will. He wished to protect from assault the busy fishermen at the harbor, whose town had grown until it was now a market town. He sprinkled the unhallowed ground with holy water; thus, Thieves' Island received the mark of honor. Masons and carpenters set to work on it; at the Bishop's command, a building grew up, and the sunbeams kissed the red walls as they rose.