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Life, death, soul, transformation

Description of this motif: Resurrection refers inevitably to the resurrection of Jesus after being killed on the cross and to the dogma of the resurrection of the flesh at The Second Coming of Christ, but there is no speaking of resurrection of the flesh with Andersen.

Example :

The sun rose up from the waters. Its beams fell, warm and kindly, upon the chill sea foam, and the little mermaid did not feel the hand of death. In the bright sunlight overhead,she saw hundreds of fair ethereal beings. They were so transparent that through them she could see the ship's white sails and the red clouds in the sky. Their voices were sheer music, but so spirit-like that no human ear could detect the sound, just as no eye on earth could see their forms. Without wings, they floated as light as the air itself. The little mermaid discovered that she was shaped like them, and that she was gradually rising up out of the foam.