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Symbol, death, christianity, grave

Description of this motif: The cross is the core of christian symbols - crucial, one could say. It refers to Christ's suffering and death on the cross and to his resurrection. The cross thus symbolizes not only death, but also the divine's final and inevitable victory over death and evil. On the grave The cross symbolizes not only the fact of death, but also being initialized to christianity and to the souls (and the body's) resurrection. In a ritual context the cross is used at divine services and baptism, and the believing may make the sign of the cross in a number of situations.

Example :

The boy was still only six years old, but already he knew parts of the Bible and the pious old hymns; many an evening while seated on his little cane stool, he had heard his father read Gellert's Fables and the poem about Messiah; hot tears had come into the boy's eyes, and his sister had cried at hearing of Him who had suffered death on the cross of Golgotha, that He might save us.

(...) but there were new graves in the churchyard; and there, down in the grass, close by the wall, lay the old church bell, fallen from its high position. It had developed a flaw and could ring no longer, and a new one had been put up in its place.

The mother and son had entered the churchyard and stood still before the old bell, while she told the little boy how this bell had performed its duty for centuries; it had pealed at baptisms, and joyful weddings, and funerals.