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The motif Consecration, initiation is a part of: Ritual


Transformation, ritual

Description of this motif: Initiating rituals transform persons into initiated, and they thus become members, part of a community. Baptism turns one into a member of the Christian community, a wedding binds people together with religious bonds. In the tale "The Bond of Friendship" two young men are "married" to each other; consecrated to everlasting friendship according to a Greek tradition.

Example :

From a near-by convent, Brother Ignatius came to see him daily as physician, nurse, and friend. He brought to the sick man the consolation of religion, spoke about the peace and happiness of the church, spoke of man's sin and the peace and blessings of God.


Everything was clear to him now; he had found the road to truth and peace. In church, God's light and wisdom were ever present, and in the monastery he would find the peace where the tree of humanity could grow through all eternity.

His mind was made up, and Brother Ignatius supported him in his decision. The young artist became a servant of God. How kindly, how cordially, he was received by the brethren;