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Sacred book, islam, Allah, word

Description of this motif:

Koran: Arabic "recitation". The Koran is, according to traditions, given to Muhammad by Allah via the archangel Gabriel. The Koran is in Islam regarded as the final end complete words for humanity, as opposed to the writings and revelations of judaism and christianity, which are regarded as incomplete and in certain places distorted by tradition in time.

Muhammad had his first revelations in Mekka in 610 and continued having revelations until his death in 632.

Example :

Meanwhile the Beetle had been traveling on, and had sailed across the ditch on a cabbage leaf. That morning two persons came by, and when they saw the Beetle they picked him up, turned him over and over, and both looked very learned – especially one of them, a boy.

"Allah sees the black beetle in the black stone and in the black mountain," he said. "Isn't that in the Koran?"