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Faith, divine Providence, fate

Description of this motif: Providence is Gods knowledge about and interfering with the course of events among the living. Faith in Providence is trusting that God or a guardian angel helps one through difficult situations and hard times and helps one make the right decisions.

Example :

Now they are in France, and they meet a gallant knight followed by twelve men-at-arms. The knight pauses and looks at the strange wagon and then asks the younger of the women what country they have come from and what their journey's destination is. She explains that they are from Thy, in Denmark, tells of her cares and misery, but these all seem to come to an end; our Lord has guided them together – the stranger knight is her son! He holds out his arms and embraces her, and the poor mother weeps, which she has not been able to do for many years, but rather has bitten her lips until blood has come forth.
Comment on this quote: The fugitive mother meets her son, Jens Glob, by incidence. He will help her against the evil bishop of Börglum.