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The motif Communion is a part of: Ritual

Communion contains among others: Sacrifice

See also Mass, service


Holy Communion, sacrament, The Lord's Supper, The Last Supper, chalice, altar

Description of this motif: Jesus initiated, according to The New Testament, this sacrament on the last night, he was together with his disciples. The communion is historically rooted in both hellenistic mystery religions' communities and in the Jewish paschal supper. The Christian thus is both a ritual, that repeats the sacrifice of Crist and gives the community common destiny with Crist in his suffering, death and ressurrection. Source: Gads religionsleksikon, 1999.

Example :

The Sunday before her departure, all were to go together to Holy Communion. The church was large and stately, built by the Dutch and Scotch many centuries before, and quite a distance from where the town is now situated. The church was somewhat dilapidated now, and the way through the deep sand made hard walking, but people did not mind these difficulties to get to the house of God, to sing psalms, and to hear the sermon. The sand was piled up outside the wall around the cemetery, but the graves had still been kept free of it.

It was the largest church north of the Lime Fiord. The Virgin Mary, with a golden crown on her head and the infant Saviour in her arms, was painted in bright colors above the altar; the holy Apostles were ranged around the choir, and high on the wall there hung portraits of Skagen's old burgomasters and councilmen, with their insignia of office. The pulpit was carved. The sun shone brightly into the church, lighting up the polished brass chandelier and the little vessel that hung down from the roof. Jrgen was overwhelmed by the same pure, childlike feeling of devotion that had thrilled his soul when, a boy, he had stood in the rich Spanish cathedral. But here the feeling was different, for in this place he felt that he was one of the congregation.

After the sermon came the Communion, and when Jrgen knelt with the others to receive the consecrated bread and wine, he found that he was kneeling next to Miss Clara. But his thoughts were so raised to God and the Holy Sacrament that not until they rose did he realize that she had been his neighbor. Then he saw the salt tears rolling down her cheeks.