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The Holy Bible contains among others: The Book of Esther

See also The Koran or Qur'an


Book, scripture, sacred writings, prophecies, gospels, Christianity, Judaism, New Testament, Old Testament

Description of this motif: Greek "Biblia" means books. The Bible is the Christian church's sacred writings, containing The Old Testament and The New Testament. The Old Testament of the Christian Bible is the Jewish Bible, but also some newer scriptures added by the Christian church.

Example :

Christianity gave him words of promise of an eternal life in the Bible, but he wanted to read it in his book; and there he could see nothing about it.

Comment on this quote: The wise man cannot get true knowledge about the Christian belief in immortality in his book. This is similar to the bewitched Kay in "The Snow Queen"; The splinter in his eye made him a very penetrating (!) observer, but this cold rationality turned out useless, when it came to the matters of belief – he was unable to make the word Eternity.