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The motif Fate (goddess) is a part of: Gods, spirits and demons


Destiny, fate, thread of life

Description of this motif: Fate as a supernatural power and determination in life is often personified. In greek mythology there are three Fatal Sisters: Clotho, who wove the threads of life, Lachesis, who measured out the length of the threads, and Atropa, who cut the threads.

Example :

The tale has not been translated (by Hersholt) and is therefore quoted in Danish. Further information and links.

Men Skjbnen, ak! det slemme Skarn, misundte mig min Glde,
Og som en Svrd-Fisk var hun nu ved Klokkens Snoer tilstde,
Og hurtigt gik det: klip! klip! klip! rask skar hun Snoren over;