Quote from "Godfather's Picture Book" (1868)

Registered motifs in this quote

The bells were ringing in the town of Roskilde, where Bishop Absalon lived. He could both read his Bible and wield his sword; he had power and will. He wished to protect from assault the busy fishermen at the harbor, whose town had grown until it was now a market town. He sprinkled the unhallowed ground with holy water; thus, Thieves' Island received the mark of honor. Masons and carpenters set to work on it; at the Bishop's command, a building grew up, and the sunbeams kissed the red walls as they rose.

Registered motifs in this quote:

  1. Church bell
  2. Consecration, initiation
  3. The Holy Bible
  4. Holy water
  5. Priest

Keywords: Town, man