Quote from "The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf" (1859)

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By the end of the winter the bird had found and given away so many crumbs of bread that they would have equaled in weight the loaf upon which little Inger had stepped to keep her fine shoes from being soiled; and when it had found and given away the last crumb, the gray wings of the bird suddenly became white and expanded.

"Look, there flies a sea swallow over the sea!" the children said as they saw the white bird. Now it seemed to dip into the water; now it rose into the bright sunshine; it gleamed in the air; it was not possible to see what became of it; they said that it flew straight into the sun.

Registered motifs in this quote:

  1. The concept of the soul's account of good and evil being settled after death
  2. Sin, sinner
  3. To die and go to heaven

Keywords: Bird, nature, light, fire, children, lake, water

Comment: Inger finds and gives away bread crums to the other birds. The crums equals the bread, she once trod on, because she wanted to avoid getting mud on her shoes.