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94 papers from the international Hans Christian Andersen conferences have been published here. You may click on a title in order to display the entire paper.

'Skyggen' - en analyse af forholdet mellem godt og ondt (by Inger Lise Jensen). Summary.
Andersen in Bulgarian Pre-School Education Strategies (by Elena Roussinova)
Andersen in Time and Place - Time and Place in Andersen (by Poul Houe)
The Arabesque and the Grotesque- Hans Christian Andersen Decomposing the World of Poetry (by Niels Kofoed)
The Author at the Museum (by Hans Christian Andersen)
Contrastive Values in Hans Christian Andersen's Fantastic Stories (by Maria Sabina Draga-Alexandru)
Cultural Differences and Japanese Translations of 'Keiserens nye Klæder' (by Keisuke Masuda)
Den farlige kløft mellem kønnene (by Martin Lotz). Summary.
Die lebendige Welt der leblosen Gegenstände (by Polonca Kovač)
A Divided World: A Structural Technique in Andersen's Original Tales (by James Massengale)
Drømme i H. C. Andersens Eventyr og Historier (by Annelies van Hees). Summary.
En Landsbyhistorie - Andersen's Forgotten Success Play (by Hans Kuhn)
En nyoversættelse af H. C. Andersens eventyr - hvilket tjekkisk? (by Frantisek Frölich). Summary.
The Euphoria of the Text - on the Market, on Man, and on Melody, i.e.: Poetry (by Finn Barlby)
Genredialektikken i H. C. Andersens eventyr (by Niels Ingwersen). Summary.
H. C. Andersen's Fairy Tales in Translation: Prepositions and 'Small Words' (by Viggo Hjørnager Pedersen)
H. C. Andersen and Ion Creanga; - Two National StoryTellers (by Anca Dumitrescu)
H. C. Andersen-forskningen i Holland (by Ameliea 'Amy' van Marken)
H. C. Andersen-forskning og -reception i Tyskland 1975-92 (by Charlotte S. Doctor)
H. C. Andersen i Grønland (by Inge Kleivan). Summary.
H. C. Andersen og den optimistiske dualisme (by Erik M. Christensen). Summary.
H. C. Andersen set med moderne danske briller (by Aage Jørgensen)
H. C. Andersens eventyr på hollandsk - børne- og / eller voksenlitteratur? (by Edith Koenders). Summary.
H. C. Andersens karneval (by Jens Aage Doctor). Summary.
H. C. Andersen Watching Art (by Inge Lise Pin Rasmussen)
Hans Christian Andersen. On the Wave of Liberalism (by Johan de Mylius)
Hans Christian Andersen and the Image (by Mogens Davidsen)
Hans Christian Andersen as a Religious Fastboiler in Per Olov Enquist (by Erik M. Christensen)
Hans Christian Andersen Remade in Japan: Mori Ogai's Translation of Improvisatoren (by Yoichi Nagashima)
Hans Christian Andersen Research Situation in Japan (by Katsumi Hayano)
Heroes in Hans Christian Andersen's Writings (by Aage Jørgensen)
Hvilke forventninger kan der stilles til H. C. Andersens dagbøger i en tysk udgave? Problemer og metoder (by Antje Mayfarth). Summary.
"I Do Not Understand Anything," (by Niels Ingwersen)
Intentional and Non-Intentional Topicalities in Andersen's Tales (by Elias Bredsdorff)
Jødiske elementer i H. C. Andersens skrifter (by Erik Dal). Summary.
The Miracle and A Miracle in the Life of a Mermaid (by James Massengale)
On 'The Emperor's New Clothes' (by Hans Holmberg)
On the Study of Andersen in China (by Xiao La)
The Phoenix Principle. Some Remarks on H. C. Andersen's Poetological Writings (by Heinrich Detering)
Pontoppidan's 'Rewritings' of H.C. Andersen (by Jacob Bøggild)
Replikkunsten i H. C. Andersens roman 'O.T.' (by Ameliea 'Amy' van Marken). Summary.
A Selection of H. C. Andersen's Letters and Diaries in a Dutch Edition (by Edith Koenders)
Standhaftighed på flere ben. Om Karen Blixens reception af H. C. Andersen (by Bernhard Glienke). Summary.
Survey of Current Hans Christian Andersen Research in the United Kingdom (by Hans Christian Andersen)
The Translations of H. C. Andersen into Latvian and Lithuanian Languages (Comparative Aspects) (by Arunas Bliudzius)
What Latvian Children Like in H. C. Andersen's Fairy-Tales (by Baiba Tormane)
A Wonderful Story of a True Soldier and a Real Princess. Problems in Connection with the Rendition of Hans Andersen's Vocabulary in English (by Viggo Hjørnager Pedersen)