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Andersen's Fairy Tales, vol. 1—15.

1. The Fir-Tree [indh.: The Fir Tree, The Brave Tin Soldier, Little Tiny, The Goblin and the Huckster, A Great Sorrow, The Silver Shilling, The Ugly Duckling,)
2. The Roses (indh.: The Roses and the Sparrows [ek41], Little Tuk, The Old Grave-Stone, The Bell-Deep, The Beetle, Elder-Tree Mother).
3. The Nightingale (indh.: The Nightingale, Ole Lukøie, The Old Bachelor's Nightcap, The Elf of the Rose, The Angel, The Pea Blossom).
4. Ib and Christina (indh.: Ib and Little Christina, The Bottle Neck, The Flax, The Last Dream of the Old Oak, The Girl Who trod on the Loaf, The Daisy).
5. The Old House (indh.: The Old House, The Happy Family, The Metal Pig, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Tinder-Box, The Red Shoes).
6. The Golden Treasure (indh.: The Golden Treasure, The Butterfly, The Dumb Book, The Gardener, She Was Good for Nothing, Little Ida's Flowers, The Conceited Apple-Branch [ek51], The Sun-Beam and the Captive [ek38]) .
7. The Storks (indh.: The Storks, The Philosopher's Stone, The Lovliest Rose in the World, The Snow Man, The Story of the Year, The Story of a Mother).
8. The Jewish Maiden (indh.: The Jewish Maiden, The Darning-Needle, The Little Match-Seller, The Travelling Companion, The Jumpers, The Swineherd, A Leaf from Heaven).
9. Anne Lisbeth (indh.: Anne Lisbeth, A Cheerful Temper, The Top and the Ball, The Wild Swans, Everything in its Right Place, The Money-Box).
10. The Shadow (indh.: The Shadow, The Racers, The Buckwheat, Soup from a Sausage Skewer, The Bell, or Nature's Music, The Farm-Yard Cock, and the Weather-Cock).
11. The Snow Queen (indh.: The Snow Queen, The Portuguese Duck, The Flying Trunk).
12. The Little Mermaid (indh.: The Little Mermaid, The Pen and the Inkstand, What the Mooon Saw, What the Old Man Does is Always Right, A Rose from Homer's Grave).
13. The Garden of Paradise (indh.: The Garden of Paradise, The Mail-Coach Passengers, The Mischievous Boy, Under the Willow-Tree, The Old Man and the Angel).
14. Little Claus and Big Claus (indh.: Little Claus and Big Claus, The Shepherdess and the Sweep, The Puppet-Show Man, The Shepherd's Story of the Bond of Friendship, The Old Street Lamp, The Old Church Bell).
15. The Mother's Love (indh.: The Mother's Love, The Shirt Collar, Children's Prattle, Beuty of Form and Beauty of Mind, The Story of the Wind, A Story, Something.] Each part is complete in itself and contains two Coloured Plates besides several fine woodcuts. Frederick Warne & Co. London, 1874.

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Udgivet 1874
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 13961
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Grimm's Fairy Tales for Children and the Household.

Coll. by the brothers Grimm. Complete edition. Translated by Beatrice Marshalll. [Page 492, Andersen: The Princess and the Pea]. Ward, Lock & Co, London, New York, Melbourne. 1904.

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Udgivet 1904
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 14401
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Oakfield Plays.

Oakfield Plays. Including the Inglemere Christmas Plays by Marguerite Steen. [illustrator] Ivor Nicholson & Watson. London. 1932. P. 15-35: Adapted for the Stage: 'The Princess and the Pea'. P. 35-67: 'The Prince who was a Swineherd.'.

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Udgivet 1932
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 16285
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The Princess on the Pea

Andersen, H.C.: "The Princess on the Pea", translated by Jean Hersholt, in The Complete Andersen , I-VI. New York 1949. Cf. AaJ 1286
Udgivet 1949
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser
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The Princess on the Pea.

A new translation by Reginald Spink. Commented by Hans Andersen. Danish Foreign Office Journal, no 15, 1955, p. 21.
Udgivet 1955
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 17007
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Pacific Coast Viking.

Signe Toksvig: "Hans Christian Andersen's Own Fairy Tale" p. 1, 25-28. "Hans Christian Andersen's House" p. 19. "Hans Christian Andersen" p. 36. Margaret Rutherford: "The World's Fairy Tale Writer" p. 39-40. "Hans Christian Andersen's 150th anniversary celebrated in the USA" p. 41. "The Princess on the Pea" p. 45. Pacific Coast Viking No 4, Montrose, California, April 1955. Tribune Oakland, April 3, 1955.

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Udgivet April 1955
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 14780
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First Three Tales: The Tinder Box. Little Claus and Big Claus. The Princess and the Pea.

First Three Tales: The Tinder Box. Little Claus and Big Claus. The Princess and the Pea. With Illustrations from many Countries and an Introduction by ERIK DAL. Translated from the Danish by DAVID HOHNEN. Høst & Søn, Copenhagen. 64 pp.
Indledning pp. 5-18.
Dansk privattryk-manuskript: Om de tre eventyr. Tilblivelse og modtagelse, 11 s. - Med 24 illustrationer. - Anm.: Jens Peter Lund, Fyens Stiftstidende, 31.8.1961 og 24.11.1960. - 2. udg., 1965. 3. udg., 1968; 4. udg., 1972.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1960/46, 1972/156)

Udgivet 1960
Sprog: dansk, engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1875-1968:1908   Bibliografi-ID: 3569
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Hans Christian Andersen's First Three Tales.

The Tinder Box, Little Claus and big Claus. The Princess and the Pea. With illustrations from many countries and an introduction by Erik Dal. Translations: David Hohnen. 2nd Edition 1965. Høst & Søn, København, 1965, 64 s.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1980/554)

Udgivet 1965
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 15386
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The Classic Fairy Tales

OPIE, IONA & PETER OPIE (eds.), The Classic Fairy Tales. Oxford University Press, London/New York/Toronto 1974. Pp. 27-28 og 206-35. – “The Tinder Box”, “The Princess on the Pea”, “Thumbelina” og “The Swineherd” med korte indledninger.
Udgivet 1974
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 17826
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Theo Tobiasse.

18 original lithographs on themes from the world of Hans Christian Andersen. Galerie Börjeson Malmö, 1980.
Desuden vist i Galleri Biggi, Stavanger.
Om du senast 1 juni 1980 beställer ett eller flera blad ur Tobiasses serie får du "Sagor af H.C. Andersen illustrerade av Theo Tobiasse. Översättning Erik Asklund.
Välkommen til vernissage hos Galerie Börjeson söndagen 9. mars. Öppnas av Niels Oxenvad. Theo Tobiass kommer att signera. Ernst Hugo Järegård läsar stycken af H.C. Andersen.

(Bibliografisk kilde: Dal)

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH bog: 1981/217)

Udgivet 9. marts 1980
Sprog: dansk, engelsk, norsk, svensk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 17324
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The Princess and the Pea. Touch and the Private/Public Domains of Women's Knowledge

Esrock, Ellen J., "The Princess and the Pea. Touch and the Private/Public Domains of Women's Knowledge". I: Shirley Gorenstein (red.), Research in Science and Technology Studies. Gender and Work . JAI Press, Stamford 2000. Pp. 17-29. (Knowledge and Society, 12.)

Fabula. Zeitschrift für Erzählforschung

Fabula. Zeitschrift für Erzählforschung (Göttingen), XLVI:1-2, 2005; om HCA pp. 3-125. - Johan de Mylius, “Luzifer als Märchenonkel”, pp. 3-16; Niels Ingwersen, “‘I Have Come to Despise You’. Andersen and His Relationship to His Audience”, pp. 17-28; Jacob Bøggild, “Framing the Frame of H. C. Andersen’s ‘Auntie Toothache’”, pp. 29-42; Aage Jørgensen, “Hans Christian Andersen zwischen Verwurzelung und Modernität. Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Märchens ‘Die Dryade’”, pp. 43-54; Klaus P. Mortensen, “The Poetry of Chance. Om Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘Picture Book without Pictures’”, pp. 55-66; Finn Hauberg Mortensen, “Rose, Stern und Spiegel. Eine Analyse von Andersens Märchen ‘Die Schneekönigin’ und ‘Der Tannenbaum’”, pp. 67-77; Maria Kaliambou, “Hans Christian Andersens ‘Reise’ in Griechenland. Zur Rezeption seiner Märchen seit Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts”, pp. 78-88; Christine Shojael Kawan, “‘The Princess on the Pea’. Andersen, Grimm and the Orient”, pp. 115; Hans-Jörg Uther, “Glück im Unglück. Hans Christian Andersens Schwank ‘Was Vater tut, ist stets das Richtige’ im Spiegel literarischer und mündlicher Überlieferungen”, pp. 116-25.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet 2005
Sprog: tysk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1999-2006   Bibliografi-ID: 11534
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Hans Christian Andersen. The Illustrated Tales: With His Travels, Life and Times.

Lucky Peer, Picture Book Without Pictures, Extracts from A Poet's Bazaar. CRW Publishing, Leipzig, 2005. 584 p.
In celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen, a special edition of his much-loved stories has been compiled. This elegant volume, with a wealth of fully illustrated biographical information and reference material, is a stunning testament to the lasting legacy of his work. Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75) is one of the best-known storytellers of all time. He was an extraordinarily prolific and varied author whose magical stories include The Ugly Duckling, The Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid, The Tinderbox, The Snow Queen, The Ice Maiden, The Emperors New Clothes and many others which have become a part of folk-memory around the world. He is best known for these tales, but even these are by no means all fairy tales or ones for children. Some are straightforward fables, though he borrowed or adapted very little, most of his work being original. Together with selecting the stories, editor Charles Mosley has written a scholarly but immensely readable introduction. Detailing the prolific nature of Andersens writings, he highlights every part of his work, from fables and tales to opinion pieces and travel writings. Mosley also provides a biographical section giving details of Hans Christian Andersens life and travels, as well as sections on Andersen in art and illustration, in film, music and the stage, and even postage stamps. From his humble beginnings in a one-room house in Denmark to the end of his life, Andersens life is wonderfully chronicled.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 2005/406)

Udgivet 2005
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser
ISBN: 10-1904919464, 13-978-1904919469   Bibliografi-ID: 16310
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The Enchanted Screen

Jack Zipes: Andersen's Cinematic Legacy: Trivilaization and Innovation (pp. 252-80). Zipes argues that, in seeking primarily to profit from Andersen's work, populist portrayals, [...] not only misrepresent Hans Christian Andersen as a historical figure but also sustain the trivialized adaptations of his creative works. About the Danny Kaye-film, "The Little Mermaid", "The Princess on the Pea", "The Swineherd", "The Nightingale", "The Emperor's New Clothes", "The Snow Queen", "Ethics and Adaptation".

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Udgivet 2010
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 19421
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