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A Poet's Day Dreams

A Poet's Day Dreams udkom på Richard Bentleys forlag, London, i februar 1853. 220 s.
Indeholdt 20 af H.C. Andersens historier oversat af Mrs. Anne S. Bushby:
"Aarets Historie" (The History of the Year), "Verdens deiligste Rose" (The World's Most Beautiful Rose), "Et Billede fra Castelsvolden" (Sketch from the Ramparts of a Castle), "Paa den Yderste Dag" (The Last Day), "Det er ganske vist!" (It is very True), "Svanereden" (The Swans's Nest), "Et godt Humeur" (Good Humeur), "Der er Forskjel" (There is a Difference), "Hun duede ikke" (A Good-for-Nothing), "Et Blad fra Himlen" (A Leaf from Heaven), "Hjertesorg" (Grief of Heart), "Alt paa sin rette Plads" (Everything in its right Place), "Nissen hos Spekhøkeren" (The Nis at the Cheesemonger's), "Hørren" (The Flax), "Den gamle Gravsteen" (The Old Tombstone), "Fem fra en Ærtebælg" (The Five Peas), "Fra et Vindue i Vartou" (The Old Maid), "Om Aartusinder" (A Thousand Years Hence), "Den sidste Perle" (The Last Pearl) og "Under Piletræet" (Under the Willow-Tree).
"A Leaf from Heaven" og "The Last Pearl" var førsteudgivelser af hhv. "Et Blad fra Himlen" (udkom på dansk april 1855) og "Den sidste Perle" (udkom på dansk november 1853).
Ek38, Ek39, Ek49, Ek51, Ek52, Ek53, Ek54, Ek55, Ek56, Ek57, Ek58, Ek59, Ek60, Ek61, Ek62, Ek63, Ek64, Ek65, Ek67, Ek70.
Anm.: The Spectator, no 1288, p. 230, 5 March 1853; Journal of Science and Art, 1953, The Athenaeum, Mar. 12, 1853; The Literary Gazette , 19 March 1853.

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(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH XVIII-E-24, A-32, 1971/636, 1932/94)

Udgivet Februar 1853
Sprog: engelsk
Genre: Eventyrsamling
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser
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Andersen's Fairy Tales, vol. 1—15.

1. The Fir-Tree [indh.: The Fir Tree, The Brave Tin Soldier, Little Tiny, The Goblin and the Huckster, A Great Sorrow, The Silver Shilling, The Ugly Duckling,)
2. The Roses (indh.: The Roses and the Sparrows [ek41], Little Tuk, The Old Grave-Stone, The Bell-Deep, The Beetle, Elder-Tree Mother).
3. The Nightingale (indh.: The Nightingale, Ole Lukøie, The Old Bachelor's Nightcap, The Elf of the Rose, The Angel, The Pea Blossom).
4. Ib and Christina (indh.: Ib and Little Christina, The Bottle Neck, The Flax, The Last Dream of the Old Oak, The Girl Who trod on the Loaf, The Daisy).
5. The Old House (indh.: The Old House, The Happy Family, The Metal Pig, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Tinder-Box, The Red Shoes).
6. The Golden Treasure (indh.: The Golden Treasure, The Butterfly, The Dumb Book, The Gardener, She Was Good for Nothing, Little Ida's Flowers, The Conceited Apple-Branch [ek51], The Sun-Beam and the Captive [ek38]) .
7. The Storks (indh.: The Storks, The Philosopher's Stone, The Lovliest Rose in the World, The Snow Man, The Story of the Year, The Story of a Mother).
8. The Jewish Maiden (indh.: The Jewish Maiden, The Darning-Needle, The Little Match-Seller, The Travelling Companion, The Jumpers, The Swineherd, A Leaf from Heaven).
9. Anne Lisbeth (indh.: Anne Lisbeth, A Cheerful Temper, The Top and the Ball, The Wild Swans, Everything in its Right Place, The Money-Box).
10. The Shadow (indh.: The Shadow, The Racers, The Buckwheat, Soup from a Sausage Skewer, The Bell, or Nature's Music, The Farm-Yard Cock, and the Weather-Cock).
11. The Snow Queen (indh.: The Snow Queen, The Portuguese Duck, The Flying Trunk).
12. The Little Mermaid (indh.: The Little Mermaid, The Pen and the Inkstand, What the Mooon Saw, What the Old Man Does is Always Right, A Rose from Homer's Grave).
13. The Garden of Paradise (indh.: The Garden of Paradise, The Mail-Coach Passengers, The Mischievous Boy, Under the Willow-Tree, The Old Man and the Angel).
14. Little Claus and Big Claus (indh.: Little Claus and Big Claus, The Shepherdess and the Sweep, The Puppet-Show Man, The Shepherd's Story of the Bond of Friendship, The Old Street Lamp, The Old Church Bell).
15. The Mother's Love (indh.: The Mother's Love, The Shirt Collar, Children's Prattle, Beuty of Form and Beauty of Mind, The Story of the Wind, A Story, Something.] Each part is complete in itself and contains two Coloured Plates besides several fine woodcuts. Frederick Warne & Co. London, 1874.

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Udgivet 1874
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 13961
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The Flax

Andersen, H.C.: "The Flax", translated by Jean Hersholt, in The Complete Andersen , I-VI. New York 1949. Cf. AaJ 1286
Udgivet 1949
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser
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Anthropomorphism in Children's Literature

James Derby: or: 'Mom, My Doll's Talking again'. Andersen wrote fairy tales. Some of these include anthropomorphism, e.g. The Drop of Water, the Flax, the Fir Tree, and the Constant Tin Soldier. Elementary English, Vol. 47, No. 2 (Feb. 1970, pp. 190-92.

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Udgivet Februar 1970
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 19385
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