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Hidden, but not Forgotten: Hans Christian Andersen's Legacy in the Twentieth Century.

Jack Zipes: Marvels & Tales, Volume 20, Number 2, 2006. Special Issue: Guest Editor: Andrea Immel.
Pp. 149-151: Andrea Immel, Cotsen Children's Library: Preface to the special issue.
Pp. 155-65: Diana Frank and Jeffrey Frank: On Translating Hans Christian Andersen.
Pp 166-78: Johan de Mylius: Our time is the time of the fairy tale. Hans Christian Andersen between Traditional Craft and Literary modernism.
Pp 179-92: Julia Briggs: A Liberating Imagination: Andersen in England.
Pp 193-207: Naomi Wood: The Ugly Duckling's Legacy: Adulteration, Contemporary Fantasy, and the Dark.
Pp. 208-23: Hans Heino Ewers: H.C. Andersen as Seen by Critics of German Children's Literature since the Beginning of the Twentieth Century.
Pp. 224-37: Jack Zipes: Critical Reflections about Hans Christian Andersen, the Failed Revolutionary.
Pp 238-48: Jane Yolen: From Andersen On: Fairy Tales Tell Our Lives.
Pp. 249-56: Mikhail Magaril: Migratory Birds: Illustrating Andersen's "Nightingale".

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Udgivet 2006
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