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The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen

Maria Tatar, Editor, Translator, Annotations. pp xv-xxxv: Introduction: "Denmark's Perfect Wizard. The Wonder of Wonders" by Julie K. Allen. Contents: Part I: Tales for Children. Part II, pp 379-98: Tales for Adults. Part III: Biographies. Part IV, pp. 399-410: Andersens Readers, Andersen's Readers. Part V, pp 433-49: Biblograpy. Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc., New York/London, Nov. 2007. 416 S. - Anm.: Publishers Weekly Publishers Weekly , nov. 2007; Margaret A. Chang, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams School Library Journal, 2008.
Udgivet November 2007
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ISBN: 978-0-393-06081-2   Bibliografi-ID: 16234
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