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Andersen 200 lat / Andersen 200 years.

Dymel-Trzebiatowska, Hanna & Ewa Mrozek-Sadowska (red.), Basnie Hansa Christiana Andersena w Europie Europa w baniach Hansa Christiana Andersena. Artykuly z konferencji zorganizowaney przez Katedr Skandynawistyki Uniwersytetu Gdaskiego oraz Referat Funduszy Europejskich Urzdu Meejskiego w Gdasku, 20-21 maja 2005 / Hans Christian Andersen's Fairytales in Europe and Europe in Hans Christian Andersen's Fairytales. Articles from the Conference Organized by the Scandinavian Department at University of Gdask and the European Funds Department of the City Hall of Gdask, May 20-21, 2005. Nordicum, Gdask 2006. 170 s. (Omslagstitel: Andersen 200 lat / Andersen 200 years.) Indhold (titlerne anfres hr kun p engelsk): PEER E. SRENSEN, "Linguistic Heartache. On Childishness and Adulthood in Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales", pp. 13-28; PER KROGH HANSEN, "Told for Children (but to be Read by Adults!). On the Narration in Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales", pp. 29-44; LARS-KE SKALIN, "Secularization as a Threat to the Fairy Tale. Reflections on a Theme in Hans Christian Andersen's Works", pp. 45-60; ELISABETH OXFELDT, "Life and Death in 'The Little Mermaid'", pp. 61-80; JRGEN VEISLAND, "Archetype, Narration and Transformation in Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen' and 'The Shadow'", pp. 81-88; MONIKA POMIRSKA, "Crossing the Borders. The Experience of Initiation in H.C. Andersen's Fairy Tales 'The Snow Queen' and 'The Ice Maiden'", pp. 89-98; GERTRUDA SKOTNICKA, "The Reception of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales in Poland", pp. 99-115; HANNA DYMEL-TRZEBIATOWSKA, "Through the Prism of Translation. An Implicit Reader in Polish Translations of Hans Christian Andersen's Tales", pp. 116-29; EWA MROZEK-SADOWSKA, "'The Emperor's New Clothes'. Polish Illustrations of a Danish Fairy Tale", pp. 130-50; MALGORZATA BODUCH, "H.C. Andersen's Fairy Tales in the Theatre Miniatura in Gdańsk 1981-2002", pp. 151-65.)
Udgivet Juni 2005
Sprog: engelsk, polsk
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