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Essays on Literature and Translation.

Pedersen, Viggo Hjrnager, Essays on Literature and Translation. 2006. 172 s. (POET/Publications On English Themes, 30.) (Heri bl.a.: "Translation or Paraphrase? An Evaluation of Various Versions of 'The Tinder Box', 'The Ugly Duckling' and 'The Little Mermaid'", s. 30-52 [1990]; "A Critical Edition of Hans Christian Andersen?", s. 70-80 [1987]; "The Hans Christian Andersen Tradition(s) in English", s. 81-95 [2001]; "Ideology in the Works of Hans Christian Andersen", s. 117-37 [1995]; "From the Flying Trunk to the Celestial Omnibus. Hans Christian Andersen's Influence on the English Kunstmrchen", s. 138-59 [2003]; "A Mermaid in Disneyland", s. 160-68 [2001].)
Udgivet 2006
Sprog: engelsk
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