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The Sandhills of Jutland

By Hans Christian Andersen, Author of the 'Improvisatore', &c. Richard Bentley. - Anm.: The Leader and Saturday Analyst, June 16, 1860; The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, New Series. I. Pp. 283-84. London 1860. Also: Littell's Living Age, October 6, 1860; The Saturday Review, 18 August 1860; The Ladies' Treasury, vol. IV 1860, pp. 472-84.

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(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1958/86)

Udgivet 6. oktober 1860
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 12014
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