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The Improvisatore, or Life in Italy. The Life of Hans Christian Andersen.

Translated by Mary Howitt: The Improvisatore; or, Life in Italy I-II. Richard Bentley, London 1845. 2 vol, 316 + 331 p. Harper & Brothers, New York. 124 p.
Howitt, Mary "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen": I, pp. 1-37. - Baseret p Marmiers biografi, cf. nr. 10969 ndf.).
- Anm.: The Literary Gazette, 1.3.1845 (first, second, third, and fourth notice). The Athenaeum, 15.3.1845. The Spectator, 15.3.1845. The Quarterly Review, December 1844, pp. 497-519. Tait's Edinburgh Magazine, April 1845, p 252-57. The Eclectic Review, Aug 1845.

(Bibliografisk kilde: Bredsdorff p 428-33)

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH XX-E-2, 1954/477, am.: 1954/478, XX-E-13)

Udgivet 1845
Sprog: engelsk
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