Dato: 23. november 1872
Fra: Anna Mary Livingstone   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Ulva Cottage, Hamilton. Nov. 23rd 1872.

My dearest H. Andersen

I meant to have written to you long ago, and send you a greenstone for that you lost; but I never could get time, first, my brother Thomas took very ill with pleurisy, eleven weeks to-day, and this is the first day he has been able to be downstairs. Then we had Mr. Stanley. He came to stay a day or two with the Provost of Hamilton, Mr Dykes and to lecture here. He was presented with the freedom of the Burgh of Hamilton. My sister Agnes and one of my Aunts and I were introduced to him on the platform, amid loud cheers. He came to our house, and then went to the banquet in the townhall. In the evening he delivered a very interesting lecture. Next day we took him to see the palace and then he went away. I was very sorry when he went - I like him so much.

When l was in Iona a Highland relation of ours gave me a whole sovreign. Agnes and Thomas and Oswell and I bought a beautiful gold locket for Mr. Stanley, and had his initials put on it, and inside is Papa on one side, and on the [other] his four children, in recognition of his finding Papa. So I gave ten shillings of the sovereign for the locket, and, as I have heard that there have been dreadful floods in Denmark, I willingly give the other ten shillings for the relief of the people. You will please see that it is given allright.

I am studying German just now and find it very interesting.

l should so like to get a letter from you when you have time.

I shall now close, so I am dear Hans Andersen your very affectionate young friend

Ana Mary Livigingstone.

I love you so much dear, dear Hans Andersen.

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